5 Video Games that Teach a Valuable Lesson

Valuable life lessons can occur at any moment in our lives. It could be from a situation that happened to us and made us really think. It could also be from a book that we have read and experienced a meaningful moment once we have completed the book. However, valuable lessons can also be learned from video games. Even though we spend hours playing our favorite games and obsessing over the potential victory, there is also a valuable lesson to be learned from these games. If you are searching for a meaningful game to play, here is a list of games that can give you an important message in life.

Fallout casualty

This RPG design game has over 47 endings. There are over hundreds of choices and path to choose from. The player must make a quick decision that will lead to various result and consequences. A wrong choice can lead to death or setbacks. As the players continue their journey, they will begin to question the wisdom of their decisions and why they made them. These consequences can provoke a cautious thought and planning to ensure success in the game. Each and every action has become very strategic in order to obtain a favorable outcome. This resonates a meaningful message that the players can take to the real world.


This is a religious game that utilizes Columbia cultural tension to examine the religious propensity of good and evil. Throughout the game, the players will learn about tolerance, love, peace, and communication. It lets the player get an insight on what these religions go through. It gives a message of what racism, intolerance, and hate can do to people. This will help the players to become more empathetic and open-minded towards other religions.

Super Mario

Mario is a popular game that kids love to play from generation to generation. The game involves going to various obstacles to get to the end. The goal is usually to save the princess. The game is very addicting because the players will navigate Mario through different scenes with enemy attacks and obstacles. If you make a mistake, your character Mario will die and you will have to start all over again. Players are enthusiastic about playing the game over and over in order to overcome obstacles and enemies to save the princess. Despite countless efforts and dying multiple times, the players are often motivated to get to the end. Subconsciously, this provides a real-life learning experience of not giving up despite the odds. Life can be tough, and there can be challenges, but if we keep on fighting for our goals, we will eventually get there.

Final fantasy

Final Fantasy emphasizes the concept that we are stronger together. It is true that we love to be independent and have freedom, but it would be tough to have that mentality when you have to conquer various task for survival. Final fantasy encourages players to think laterally across a various range of individuals. The goal is to create a team with diverse strength and weakness and to work together to complete the game. Through this game, we can take the important life lesson to the real world. When we are working in our jobs or in any academic settings, it’s important to be able to work as a team to get a project done on time. Excellent teamwork capabilities can actually make you go far in life, and final fantasy urges their player to develop this teamwork mentality.

Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda involves various adventures that emphasize time management. The timing mechanics of Majora’s mask provides a task for players with time pressing issues. They have hours to complete the task or they will fail. This currently reflects the challenges in life where we have a lot of assignments, projects, and deadlines to go through. If we miss any of them, there could be detrimental consequences. This is an ideal lesson for college students and the busy employee. The Legend of Zelda teaches gamer that time does not wait for anyone, it can and will expire. Therefore, this can resonate in real life to help the players to understand the importance of time management.


Even though we get valuable lessons everywhere in life, but it’s more meaningful in a video game. This is mainly because the game acts as a character that goes through obstacles and activities in the virtual world. These games act as in another world to teach the player various lessons that can resonate in real life. These lessons will be more meaningful because the player is virtually immersed in it. This is why playing video games is not only relaxing but life-changing as well.

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  1. Dominic Barkley says:

    Mario is a legendary video game that continue to shine from generation to generation, not just for the kids but for all ages, not just the game but for the lesson behind that will molds us to become a better person. To stand and fight for our love ones and achieved our goal in life.

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