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Tools for Data Analytics

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Data Analytics in its simple form is just information, facts or statistics that are collected and stored together to allow easy referencing and analysis in the future. With the globalization trend, companies and institution have opted for new and innovative tools to facilitate the collection, storage and distribution of data. With the rampant use of […]

An Executive’s Guide to Choosing a Computer


Today, there are different models and styles of computers on the market. Therefore, it may be very difficult to know which one is the best. Some computers such as laptops are small and easy to carry while others are huge and not portable like a desktop. Besides, different computers use a different operating system, for […]

5 Steps to Building the Right Computer


Building a computer can be an overwhelming work but at the same time a rewarding experience. This is because as you build a computer, you also learn many things about computer hardware. It is essential to define the purpose of the machine that you are planning to build. From there you can be able to […]