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Tools for Data Analytics

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Data Analytics in its simple form is just information, facts or statistics that are collected and stored together to allow easy referencing and analysis in the future. With the globalization trend, companies and institution have opted for new and innovative tools to facilitate the collection, storage and distribution of data. With the rampant use of […]

5 Technologies that Help Kids Prosper


As a parent, we want our kids to grow up happy and successful. We want what’s best for our kids. The goal is to foster creativity with an excellent learning experience. Luckily, with the advancement in technology, it helps take learning and creativity to a whole other level. Even educators have embraced new technology to […]

5 Video Games that Teach a Valuable Lesson


Valuable life lessons can occur at any moment in our lives. It could be from a situation that happened to us and made us really think. It could also be from a book that we have read and experienced a meaningful moment once we have completed the book. However, valuable lessons can also be learned […]