Choose Free Online Software Tools of Computer Forensics

When your computer has been Tampa Bay Data Recovery compromised (hacked) by individuals inside and outside your organization, you will digital specialists to help you protect your data.

These specialists who investigate computer crimes use very specific techniques as well as a set of dedicated tools. The types of tool the specialists choose depend on the type of the computer device and the kind of evidence.

Most of us are in the misconception of believing that computer forensic software tools are only used to solve cyber-crime. While cyber-crime has increased at an alarming rate, computer investigation is not limited to only this kind of crime.


tually, just a very small portion of cases solved by computer forensic specialists are related to cyber-crime! 

Why do I need Free Online Software Tools of Computer Forensics you might be wondering. Well, when you are retrieving evidence, almost all the information never leaves the digital domain.

This means that the majority of the information is both created and consumed in digital form. Can you try imagining online chats, IM’s, pictures without a computer? 

When performing cyber investigations, more and more evidence is available in the digital form. Retrieving the digital evidence in course of forensic investigations requires the use of special online software tools. 

Below are 5 of the best free software tools that will help you carry out a cyber investigation. Whether you just want to acquire a new skill, run a HR case, or an investigation into unauthorized access to a server; these software tools will help you conduct forensic analysis for free! 


 This software tool is an Ubuntu based live CD that comprises of all the equipments you need to investigate a cyber crime. It supports RAW (dd) evidence formats, Advanced Forensic Format (AFF), and Expert Witness Format (E01).

It also comprises of tools that help generate a timeline from system logs, Rifiuti for examining the recycle bin, and other more useful tools. 


CAINE – Computer Aided Investigative Environment is Linux live CD and contains multiple forensic software-tools. It includes user-friendly GUI, a semi-automated report, and tons of tools for mobile forensic, network forensic, data recovery, and many more 

3. Volatility 

This is a memory forensics tool for incident response and malware analysis. It allows the user to extract digital artifacts from volatile’s RAM.

You can extract information regarding the running processes, open network sockets and network connections, process ID’s, cached registry, and much more 

4. ProDiscover Basic 

This is a simple investigation software tool that allows you to image, analyze and report on evidence found on a certain drive.

When you add a forensic image, you are able to view the data by content or by analyzing the clusters that hold the data. This tool also enables you to search for information using the search node – which is based on the criteria you specify. 

5. The Sleuth Kit (+ Autopsy) 

This tool can be used to perform in-depth analysis of various computer systems. Note that you can use the Sleuth Kit if you are using a Linux box, or Autopsy for Windows. It includes Hash filtering, File System Analysis, and Keyword Searching, among others.