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Tools for Data Analytics

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Data Analytics in its simple form is just information, facts or statistics that are collected and stored together to allow easy referencing and analysis in the future. With the globalization trend, companies and institution have opted for new and innovative tools to facilitate the collection, storage and distribution of data.

With the rampant use of mobile phones and other gadgets that have access to the internet, researchers can collect data easily. For instance, mobile phone users may be asked questions about a product and are required to give genuine feedback, to allow researchers to obtain and acquire the intended data.

We spoke to Data Recovery Houston several weeks ago as they are now in addition to data recovery also adding data analytical services and we wanted to know about some software recommendations.

Data collection tools allow the user to take surveys online and to answer simple question anonymously. Information or rather data acquired is quantitative and qualitative, online surveys are cheap to facilitate, and a lot of people can participate. Example of such tools is Survey monkey, Type form, Survey Gizmo and Google Forms.

After collecting data regardless of the method of the tool, there will need to store the data. The latest and most recent tool for storage of data and information is cloud computing. Cloud computing involves the storage of data and information on the internet. It is useful because it is cost effective and ensures that data is secure against loss and manipulation.

With data storage tools, companies and institutions can store any data or information that they have acquired, or that they have for a very long time, and they can easily access it when they need to.

These new and innovative tools enable companies and institutions to keep track of information and select the essential and particular data that is required.

Data after it has been collected and stored, sometimes it needs to be distributed. Distribution of data is another way of giving feedback to the people who took part in an online survey. Distribution of data may take place through emails and social media and short messages on their mobile phones.


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