I open up my e-mail box every day to check for important messages. I might be anticipating news from family or simply important work content. However, when I get there, I often have 50 or more spam messages in my inbox. And that is not counting all the mail that I get in my spam box.

The reason why I hate EMAIL SPAM is because it’s hardly ever useful. Something reminding me that it’s pickle day and so I must go and buy a burger is not helpful. I don’t even get a one dollar off of fried pickles coupon for my click. No, it is just obnoxious clutter that I have to sort through.

I once while living in Orlando FL went through a period in my life where I could not spend a lot of time on the computer. That led to me of course putting a lot of my computer work to the way side. I would just quickly sift through my e-mails when I had time. And the spam just kept piling up in my inbox.

Needless to say, I eventually had a long day’s work ahead of me. I spent countless hours deleting 10 000 e-mails that had built up. When you’re sorting through the pile and trying to be careful not to erase the e-mails that you would want to keep, it takes a long time. The process is just something that could have been avoided if I didn’t get any digital spam. And that is why I hate EMAIL SPAM.

If you were a receptionist at a company, you probably wouldn’t be allowed to ignore a pile of 10 000 junk mail pieces. It would probably take up an entire room after a while. This pile would be epic. But I’m not a receptionist. I’m simply on my e-mails to get pertinent information.

Checking my e-mails used to be a fun process. Now, I simply abide it. I know that I’ll have to delete a bunch of letters every day that happened to make it to my regular inbox. Also, there will be a plethora of important letters in my spam box. So I also have to make a habit of looking through that arena of my storage as well.

You might be able to relate with what I’m saying here. After all, most of us have e-mails. And even if you were vigilant not to sign up to get newsletters, you probably still get your fair share of spam. There is even a spam economy, where people pay to get e-mail lists so that they can simply spam them.

And you know what- sometimes spam works. It works really well, in fact. That’s why people are willing to take the risk of being annoying. They know that sometimes their spam will peek consumer interest. And the public is just left to deal with the fall out of unwanted letters. Businesses will not stop spamming because they are aware that even spam is a form of advertising.

If you’ve ever taken a university class, you will know how frustrating it is when a classmate gets a hold of the professor’s e-mail list. People usually complain to the professor that their privacy has been violated. And voila- the offender is prohibited from sending out more spam. Even if they just missed a class, there’s better ways to ask for the notes than through spam.

When we get out into the real world, there are no regulatory bodies for spam as there were before. It’s harder to trace how someone managed to get our e-mail address. We have to give it out for so many things in this day and age. So finding the point of origin as to who leaked the address is pretty much an exercise in futility.

You might hate spam because it is annoying to delete. You also might have a bit of displeasure when spam actually sucks you into a consumer rabbit hole that you did not want to go down. For me, it’s a bit of both, although the latter is becoming less prevalent in my life. I simply refuse to open all that unsolicited email junk anymore. But it still takes work to unsubscribe. And this is essentially why I hate EMAIL SPAM.